Tassie Ember Guard

TASSIE EMBER GUARD has been manufactured to meet the demand for a quality product that looks good and is simple to install, even as a  DIY install , to meet the extremes of  BAL40 Ratings.

TASSIE EMBER GUARD’s Gutter Protection unique design, Manufactured from Bluescope Colorbond steel and preprofiled with a 3D edge to fit perfectly onto Corrugated roofing plus various Roofing Tiles.
We also have pre-notched profiles to suit Trimdek and Spandek Roofing, other options are Flat sheet as a DIY.

TASSIE EMBER GUARD’s  Gutter Protection unique design can also be used under Ridge capping, providing one 3D edge to fit perfectly onto Corrugated  roofing and tightly under the Ridge capping on the other edge, giving lasting Fire Protection, plus  allowing the correct  ventilation into the roof cavity.

TASSIE EMBER GUARD’s Gutter Protection unique design  disrupts  the water flow over the holes and allows  water to pass through the holes.

There are a lot of Products being introduced to the market place and advertised as having a BAL19 Rating.
However, where these products are installed as Gutter Protection, there is one major issue, that being the majority of water runs straight across  the holes onto the ground because the specified hole size doesn’t allow water to flow through the product.
Please see video attached on our product Testing.


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